Wednesday, 1 March 2017

QuiltCon 2017, Part II - Winner Quilts

Moving on to the overview of the Winning Quilts from this year Quilt Convention that took place in Savannah, GA, on 23-26 February. 
Decided to cover the quilts that I liked in next Part III, as there are far too many! :)

QuiltCon 2017, Part I covers the exhibition of Angela Walters quilts. Angela is a well-known longarm quilter that collaborates with many quilt designers and completes all Tula Pink quilts.

So, here are the winners! Best In Show quilt called 'Bling' by a Tasmanian quilter Katherine Jones stole the minds and hearts of everyone who has seen it! It shines like a real diamond! Unbelievable work.

Best Machine Quilting (framed) - MADONNA, by Brittany Bowen Button, longarm quilted by Natalia Bonner (both pictured)

Small Quilts Category
3rd place - quilter's name TBC

I was too busy enjoying the award ceremony - did not take a photo of the screen)) So, this picture was taken later on the exhibition floor))

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

QuiltCon 2017, Part I - Angela Walters quilts

Back from Savannah from Quilting Convention - and keen to share the pictures of all the fabulous quilts I saw there! 

First part dedicated to my favourite longarm quilter Angela Walters, who was a featured speaker at QuiltCon2017 with her personal exibit, demonstrating some outstanding quilting work from Angela! 

Some photos show only close-up details as this is what I wanted to highlight most - Angela's machine quilting talent. I was drooling over these for hours )))) All and more quilts are beautifully photographed and collected within a fab book 'Quilting is My Therapy - Behind the stitches with Angela Walters'

I was lucky to get into two of Angela's longarm quilting classes at the QuiltCon - she is as talented teacher as a quilter! Very inspiring and generous in sharing her stuff. I can go on for ages... :))

In next blog post I will cover the winning and my favourite quilts from this year QuiltCon. ;)

Impracticality, pieced and quilted by Angela Walters
Impracticality, close-up
Cascade, close-up
Cascade, close-up
West End
West End, close-up
West End, close-up
Shattered, close-up
The Butterfly, close-up

The Butterfly, close-up
The Butterfly, close-up
Ventana, close-up
Ventana, close-up
Baubble, close-up
Sweet Tooth, close-up
Crapehanger, close-up 
Crapehanger, close-up 
Peaks and Valleys
p.s.: For some reason, the names of the quilts do not seem to show. Will try to fix that.