Tuesday, 25 July 2017

The World is your Oyster!

With too many commitments and too little time, I nearly missed the deadline for the competition quilts submission for the Festival of Quilts this year! 

Yet, Phew! All packed and shipped today. :)

This boats quilt from Cotton & Steel is my personal toy! With simple - but effective!)) - pattern for the boats and a huuuuge negative space, the quilt gave me endless opportunities to quilt it to death!))) And so I did) Inspired and empowered by the talented longarm quilter and teacher Angela Walters! xx

The techniques I used:
Freezer paper-piecing method to make the boats
Organic free-motion quilting for negative space, i.e., no marking

Materials used:
Solid cottons mostly from Michael Miller Cotton Couture range
Prints from Art Gallery Fabrics and Liberty.
Quilters Dream Request 100% cotton wadding (very thin!)

Size: 145x145cm

This quilt is not the only quilt that will have my name on it at the Festival of Quilts this year! ;) 
Three amazingly talented quilters - Jo Avery (@mybearpaw), Jenny Haynes(@peppersaxsten) and Sheila Scott - have submitted their quilts to the FOQ where I had an honour and a priviledge to longarm quilt their beautiful quilts! 
So, overall, there will be 4 quilts from me! At the very least, I should get a recognition for the quantity, if not for the quality!!! :-)))

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Moda Building Blocks Quilt - BIG ONE

Massive quilt from Moda, with the blocks of various designs and sizes - and I totally enjoyed longarm quilting it for my new customer, Birgit. It looks fabulous in both solids and patterned fabrics. Hope it will be appreciated - the quilt is a great example of collaborative work between two creative people. ;)
It was not easy to take photos of it due to its size - hence I dusted off my blog and uploaded large pictures here for those who would want to see the details! I love to hover over the details when looking at other people's quilts. :-) Click on the photo to open it in the original size.
For the brave quilters who would consider tackling this piece, here is a link to this quilt pattern.

Pattern: Moda Building Blocks
Size: 84"x96"
Longarm quilted with SoFine thread 50wt

Sunday, 5 March 2017

QuiltCon 2017, Part III - My Favourites and more

The last but not the least - a collection of the QuiltCon2017 quilts that made it to the competition through a tough selection process - to be displayed at International Trade and Convention Centre in Savannah! 

There were more stunning works - including mini quilts and young quilters - displayed, and I am sure other bloggers have photos of those. 

All I want to say is I truly admire desire, passion and determination of women from around the world to create art. Often combining it with full-time jobs and looking after the families. 

Great work, sisters!!! Keep making our little world better and more beautiful with your Art! xx