Thursday, 14 January 2016

Tilda Ice Skating Angel

My lovely Tilda Angel! Landed on my kitchen table - rather than on an ice rink :) - as there is no sign of snow outside! Winter, eh?!))

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

My Bee Block for EMQG - Square-in-a-Square

This post is aimed primarily for my fellow quilters from Edinburgh Modern Quilt Guild. January is my month to present a Bee Block and I am looking forward to see everyone's creations next month. :)

My block is called Square-in-a-Square (well, I like this name for it :))I have spotted this great tutorial on Red Pepper Quilts blog ages ago. It is universal and takes any fabrics - brights, solids, modern etc. :)

Here is the link to actual tutorial and I would like my block to have the same finished size of 5". 
That is the actual block is 5 1/2". The design is fairly simple - please make 4 if you can.

Please any colours and patterns and please avoid using browns, dark blues, dark purples or blacks.
Solids are very welcome! :) 

Please use the fussy cutting for the middle square - to add a character to it! 

Enjoy making this sweet block and I am looking forward to seeing them all together in February! Will add them to this post to keep as a memory for this great experience! :) xx