Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Beach Story Quilt

Looks like Instagram has taken over blogging - for me, at least. And this is no surprise, as with my busy life, every free minute is spent for quilting. :) Much quicker to take one picture of what you have made and post it on IG with a few words! 
However, this quilt deserves good quality photos. I had spent so much time designing the quilting and then quilting it, that the work should be recorded and displayed to a the world. 
I, too, sometimes quite like to go through good quality pictures of my previous works. Love the detail on close-up photos! :-))

The story of this quilt is short - I fell in love with the Story fabrics collection! It was created by Carrie Bloomston for Windham Fabrics and became one of my favourites of all times! In fact, I did not do much - just put together the 'sky', the 'beach huts' and the 'sea' parts with the cute pieced tumblers in the middle. So much space for creative quilting! Totally enjoyed the quilting part. :)
I loved my quilt so much that even sent it to this year Festival of Quilts in Birmingham! Main reason - for more people to see and enjoy it! As much as I enjoyed making it! 

Have fun! :) xx