Monday, 31 August 2015

Front Zipper Pouch +

More time - more energy to publish my hand creations :)
Today I have spent some quality time in my sewing room making this zippered pouch to add to a mini quilt and send away to the US to my swap partner. That's right, taking part in an international quilt swap and it's high time to start shipping the quilts! :-) 
What is special about this pouch is the way it is constructed - no open seams, machine sewn-in zipper, all lined, nice and tidy! Perfect!!! 
This is probably the best way to make a pouch for me, so far. 
Here is the link to a great wee tutorial that I have used - Front Zipper Pouch

To make it complete, here is the mini I am sending to my American swap partner. The rule was to use at least two fabrics with some writing on them :) I have used the opportunity and tried a new way to sew small squares - that was a piece of cake!!! Took the photos of the process and will try to publish a tutorial. 


  1. Так, Таня, зелёный с серым квилтик - это же просто мечта!! Очень хороший!! Я его в ближайшее время украду, можно? :))) А то мне именно такой очень-очень нужен!

    1. Господи, если бы вы знали из какого сора растут стихи??! Нина, этот квилт я сшила за один вечер! Но подожди пока я выложу МК по нему - там новая супер быстрая технология!!! Если только ты не из больших квадратов его собираешься шить.