Sunday, 2 October 2016

Epic Scenery Quilt - finally finished!

There are big quilts and Big Quilts. This is the latter! 
While quilting this scenery quilt, I did think that this job would last forever))But, hey, I am happily done and showing it off!
To complement the amazing piecing, this quilt needed lots of custom quilting. Plus, it is really large!
Makes me proud though - a new standard achieved in my career as a professional longarm quilter. 
Looking forward to see what customer thinks about it! :)) 

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Beach Story Quilt

Looks like Instagram has taken over blogging - for me, at least. And this is no surprise, as with my busy life, every free minute is spent for quilting. :) Much quicker to take one picture of what you have made and post it on IG with a few words! 
However, this quilt deserves good quality photos. I had spent so much time designing the quilting and then quilting it, that the work should be recorded and displayed to a the world. 
I, too, sometimes quite like to go through good quality pictures of my previous works. Love the detail on close-up photos! :-))

The story of this quilt is short - I fell in love with the Story fabrics collection! It was created by Carrie Bloomston for Windham Fabrics and became one of my favourites of all times! In fact, I did not do much - just put together the 'sky', the 'beach huts' and the 'sea' parts with the cute pieced tumblers in the middle. So much space for creative quilting! Totally enjoyed the quilting part. :)
I loved my quilt so much that even sent it to this year Festival of Quilts in Birmingham! Main reason - for more people to see and enjoy it! As much as I enjoyed making it! 

Have fun! :) xx

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Trip Around the World Quilt

Hey! Proud to show you my latest - and probably, fastest!)) - creation. One of those times when you have kept some amazing fabric for 'that special quilt' :) And all our quilts are special, don't they?? So, hey, I have used these sweetest Let's Pretend fabrics by Sarah Jane for Trip Around the World quilt! :) They make a great match! 

As for the quilting...))) I decided to go wild and break the rules a little bit here, he-he) So, all sorts of quilting designs went in - and guess what?? I love it!!! Want to do it again and again. 
This was total joy to make and to quilt.
Have fun! :) xx

Monday, 22 February 2016

Life is Sweet!

Hey, the winter in Scotland has been tough this year - with lots of rain, well, as normal :) 
That's why I needed something light and sweet to look at and enjoy! Very handy, Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine had this sweetest quilt from the Australian designer Jemima Flendt in their last issue - I could not walk by)) 
Even more handy, the design is very quick and easy - which helped to finish it, he-he :)) 
And another great thing about it - I had all the fabrics from Michael Miller wonderful collection of Cotton Couture fabrics. They are soft pastels in wonderful shades - just perfect for this sweet thing. 
All I have left now is to look at and admire! ;) xx

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Flowering Snowball Quilt

My Flowering Snowball quilt is finally finished and proudly displayed on my bedroom wall! :) 
It has taken me quite a while to complete and this was one of those quilts that make it fun to make - every minute of it. :) 
Probably one of my best works so far! Definitely, one made with the brightest fabrics! :-) 
I used Hobbs Wool batting here and it was a total joy to quilt it on my longarm. The wool has given the quilt nice puff and softness - I love wool batting! 

Enjoy yourselves and your quilting! :-)) x

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Tilda Ice Skating Angel

My lovely Tilda Angel! Landed on my kitchen table - rather than on an ice rink :) - as there is no sign of snow outside! Winter, eh?!))

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

My Bee Block for EMQG - Square-in-a-Square

This post is aimed primarily for my fellow quilters from Edinburgh Modern Quilt Guild. January is my month to present a Bee Block and I am looking forward to see everyone's creations next month. :)

My block is called Square-in-a-Square (well, I like this name for it :))I have spotted this great tutorial on Red Pepper Quilts blog ages ago. It is universal and takes any fabrics - brights, solids, modern etc. :)

Here is the link to actual tutorial and I would like my block to have the same finished size of 5". 
That is the actual block is 5 1/2". The design is fairly simple - please make 4 if you can.

Please any colours and patterns and please avoid using browns, dark blues, dark purples or blacks.
Solids are very welcome! :) 

Please use the fussy cutting for the middle square - to add a character to it! 

Enjoy making this sweet block and I am looking forward to seeing them all together in February! Will add them to this post to keep as a memory for this great experience! :) xx