Saturday, 14 November 2015

Cotton + Steel Table Runner

I made this table runner back in July as a present to my friend Karolina, when visiting her in her Belgian home in a beautiful town of Eeklo. 
It was a last minute inspiration, so no time for taking pictures back then, but Karo has kindly sent me some  - and it is nice to see my table runner as an interior decoration item. :) I am happy! 
I used some lovely Cotton + Steel fabrics from Beach House Remix collection - they look perfect! 

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Edinburgh - Melbourne MQG Mini Quilt Swap 2015

Now that my swap partner has received her mini, I can show it off here and once again - admire!! :-)
Sooo, back in summer we, the Edinburgh Modern Quilt Guild, decided to organise a swap with another modern quilt guild. I volunteered to  contact the guilds to see who wants to swap with us! And we were very lucky when the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild rep Maryjane responded to say they would be very keen! How exciting!!! 
When I asked Eleri Stephens, my swap partner from Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild, if she likes Liberty fabrics (we agreed between our guilds to use the fabrics from the UK and Australian designers respectively!), she gave me a challenge to create a modern quilt with traditional Liberty! Well, I think the combination has worked beautifully. :) 
Even more! I mistakenly cut twice as many pieces of fabrics than needed - which means I will make a copy of this very quilt and keep in for myself! :-)))) So, watch this space! :) xx

These are the pics of the quilt before I washed and dried it - and to me, it means unfinished yet! As I love those crinkles after washing! :)

Work in Progress... Gosh, that was such a joy to quilt! :))

And this is my swap partner Eleri with her lovely wee quilt - all the way from sunny Scotland! With Love from Tatyana xxx

Sunday, 1 November 2015

You've Got Mail! Quilt

On this sunny Sunday morning I have a new quilt to show off! 

The pattern of this adorable quilt was published in issue 7 of Love Patchwork and Quilting magasine and it was a very popular sew-along at the time - here are a few to look at! 

Mine was originally meant for a swap, but I decided to swap another - beautiful! - quilt instead and to finish this one to keep for myself! Why not??)))

The idea was to use some of my lovely Liberty fabrics! And I love love love the way they show in these envelopes! :)

Another feature is the double needle I have used for quilting. The effect is amazing and I try to forget all the hussle it took to do it. The thread kept breaking even after I did thread the threads properly))) Never mind, it's done now and it's fab!!!

Will hang this mini on the wall in my crafts room - the walls are still empty and are asking for decoration. xx

Enjoy yourselves and your quilting! :-)) x

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Two Baby Quilts

Someone asked me to make a new-born baby quilt for a baby not born yet - so not known if it is a boy or a girl! :) Well, I have made two quilts! One for a boy and one for a girl))) I had the blue fabrics for ages and was happy to have a chance to use it. Surprisingly, did not find right pinks in my stash - and bought these awesome two fabrics from the Sophia collection of the new Makover brand! 
Well, it is a Girl! And the pink quilt will go to its new little owner. :) I so much love the modern feel that the fabrics give to the quilt! 

For making the turned corners I used this amazing tutorialIt's in Russian but very visual (well, it's a video :))

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Announcement: Offering Longarm Quilting Services!

I am now accepting private commissions for longarm quilting services. 
I am passionate about and providing great customer experience! 

Please e-mail me to to discuss 
your quilting needs.

My studio is smoke-free and based in Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland. 

Monday, 31 August 2015

Front Zipper Pouch +

More time - more energy to publish my hand creations :)
Today I have spent some quality time in my sewing room making this zippered pouch to add to a mini quilt and send away to the US to my swap partner. That's right, taking part in an international quilt swap and it's high time to start shipping the quilts! :-) 
What is special about this pouch is the way it is constructed - no open seams, machine sewn-in zipper, all lined, nice and tidy! Perfect!!! 
This is probably the best way to make a pouch for me, so far. 
Here is the link to a great wee tutorial that I have used - Front Zipper Pouch

To make it complete, here is the mini I am sending to my American swap partner. The rule was to use at least two fabrics with some writing on them :) I have used the opportunity and tried a new way to sew small squares - that was a piece of cake!!! Took the photos of the process and will try to publish a tutorial. 

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Cotton + Steel Quilt for my boat

Busy summer is nearly over and I am back with a new quilt creation :) 
This was a love at first sight! The design for this quilt was featured in the Stitch magazine as a baby blanket. This is because the width of the fabric is 42" and to make it any wider, you would need to add extra piece. That means, the seam might be visible on the top and we would rather not have the seam. Well... after a short period of thinking, I decided to take a risk and make this quilt in a double size. The seam actually looks alright. 
The key features though here are my personal innovation - an extra wide binding! - and a cotton wool mix batting that made the quilt extremely soft and light! 
Quilted it on my longarm machine using clamshells groovy board. 
As planned, I took the quilt to my boat today to keep it there and if my stamina lasts, I will make two cusions to go with it. Someday! :)

Enjoy yourselves and your quilting! :-)) x