Monday, 31 August 2015

Front Zipper Pouch +

More time - more energy to publish my hand creations :)
Today I have spent some quality time in my sewing room making this zippered pouch to add to a mini quilt and send away to the US to my swap partner. That's right, taking part in an international quilt swap and it's high time to start shipping the quilts! :-) 
What is special about this pouch is the way it is constructed - no open seams, machine sewn-in zipper, all lined, nice and tidy! Perfect!!! 
This is probably the best way to make a pouch for me, so far. 
Here is the link to a great wee tutorial that I have used - Front Zipper Pouch

To make it complete, here is the mini I am sending to my American swap partner. The rule was to use at least two fabrics with some writing on them :) I have used the opportunity and tried a new way to sew small squares - that was a piece of cake!!! Took the photos of the process and will try to publish a tutorial. 

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Cotton + Steel Quilt for my boat

Busy summer is nearly over and I am back with a new quilt creation :) 
This was a love at first sight! The design for this quilt was featured in the Stitch magazine as a baby blanket. This is because the width of the fabric is 42" and to make it any wider, you would need to add extra piece. That means, the seam might be visible on the top and we would rather not have the seam. Well... after a short period of thinking, I decided to take a risk and make this quilt in a double size. The seam actually looks alright. 
The key features though here are my personal innovation - an extra wide binding! - and a cotton wool mix batting that made the quilt extremely soft and light! 
Quilted it on my longarm machine using clamshells groovy board. 
As planned, I took the quilt to my boat today to keep it there and if my stamina lasts, I will make two cusions to go with it. Someday! :)

Enjoy yourselves and your quilting! :-)) x

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Feathers Quilt 2

 After a break, I am back to the blogging space - with a new quilt! I've been with all the life challenges but quilting has never stopped and here is this gourgeous quilt I have quilted for commission. 
The pattern is by the talented Jo Avery, made by Lesley Corrie and quilted by me. :-)
Giant feathers mixed with staight lines - awesome! Definitely going to use this approach again and again. Any ornament mixed with straight lines adds a modern look and feel to a quilt. :-) 

Не прошло и года, как говорится, и вот я снова пишу пост в свой блог. Надеюсь, следующий перерыв будет короче)
Квилт не мой - моя стежка. Перья с прямыми линиями - нравится эта находка. И современно, и в то же время не совсем уж минималистично. :) 

Enjoy yourselves and your quilting! :-)) x